Choose Change

Awareness creates change, empowering different and productive alternatives to life’s problems.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Whether depression, anger, addictions, anxiety, or more challenging mental health issues, Reflection Therapy has successful living as our goal for each individual. We offer therapeutic and treatment styles utilizing an integrative approach of over ten therapeutic models. We individualize and customize those therapeutic models to fit each client’s situation.

Couples/Marriage Therapy

Couple’s Therapy

We offer couple’s therapy for relationships at all stages: dating, married, or impending divorce. We utilize multiple perspectives and are solution driven toward success for your relationship.

Consider also Co-Therapy with our Co-Therapy Team. Unique for Tuscaloosa, one male and one female therapist are present to create neutrality and balance in the process. Click on “Marital Therapies” for more information.

Caregiving and Mindfulness


As our population ages, the role of caregiver is growing exponentially. We offer a brief, empowering therapy called The IV Pillars for anyone who is in the role of caregiver. Whether caring for an individual with dementia or an individual with a terminal illness, The IV Pillars Therapy is designed to help the caregiver lessen the anxiety of caregiving and maintain a strong loving bond. Click on “Other Therapies” for more information.

Christian Therapy and Counseling

The word “therapy” means to heal. While “healing” occurs through the various therapies we offer, we also believe that a faith-based therapeutic approach acknowledges that God is the true Physician.

Think Differently

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

— Albert Einstein