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Robert W. Montgomery, M.S., LMFT

Robert W. Montgomery, M.S., LMFT

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Navigate a New Normal

Change occurs over time and is the positive process of getting “un-stuck.” Hope resurfaces and new ways of living emerge.

Whether you have problems communicating in a relationship, are depressed, anxious, or perhaps trapped in some addictive downward spiral, you can catch your breath again.

I am a board-certified, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, serving the Tuscaloosa area. I also offer virtual sessions across the state.

Let’s explore your options together.

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Consider Ways To Calm

Clients with anxiety experience tension or worry or stress and what I call “hamster—wheeling” – having thoughts constantly circulating in their heads.

Couple Dance

Learn How To

Couples in conflict have taught themselves a dance of dysfunction. I provide therapy in Tuscaloosa that empowers couples to dance the new dance.


Energize Your Life

I treat clients who are sad, feel bad about themselves, or have little energy left over to live their life.


So Much Pressure!

Studying, Dating, LIFE. Is there someone who can help me figure this all out?

Life Change

Nothing Stays The Same

Therapy gives new insight to issues like career change, life change, family change – and change is difficult! Many people use therapy to learn to navigate a new normal.


Out Of Control

Addiction is a disease… but often it is more. Whether drugs, alcohol, pornography – discover through therapy the underlying issues that may be driving your addiction. Call Reflection Therapy for more information.

Reflection Therapy

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I provide a variety of ways for you to reach me. I am prompt to be in touch and chat with you. For confidentiality purposes, a return call will say “No Caller ID”.

Calling the Office: (205) 523-5752

When you call, you will get the office voicemail each time. Please don’t hesitate to leave your message. It is confidential. A transcript of that message is immediately sent to me. Expect a reply within 2 hours. For confidentiality purposes, the return call will say “No Caller ID”

Texting the Office: (205) 523-5752

Perhaps you are in a place where a call isn’t convenient or is maybe awkward. Send me a text. Include your name and phone number and perhaps a best time to contact you. I’ll contact you by text.

Sending an Email

Please use the contact form here to send me a message. I will respond to your email and answer any questions you might have.

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    Think Differently

    "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

    - Albert Einstein