Depressed or anxiousIndividuals can be depressed and anxious at the same time. People who are both depressed and worried have been found more likely to feel greater life dissatisfaction, less job fulfillment, have more relationship problems, are less interested in social interaction, and even have an increase in physical problems. Anxiety and depression actively influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in ways that make life very difficult to live.

Matt Heatherly, PhD, LMFT and Bob Montgomery, MS, LMFT, utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is the practice of understanding dysfunctional thoughts and difficult emotions. This approach applies new thinking, actions, and behaviors that facilitate and treat anxiety and depression head on.

Your physician might prescribe medications to help with depression or anxiety. These medications can improve daily functioning of an individual. Therapy provides empowering insight to think differently about your problems and helps to create a long-term solution.

Anxiety and Depression
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