Red Zone – Blue Zone Communications Therapy

Often our office receives a call from a spouse or partner saying, “We need help. We just don’t communicate anymore!” In actuality, the couple IS communicating; they are just communicating ineffectively. Studies have shown that communication is a more complex process than simply talking. Effective communication is as much about perceived responsiveness to the “report” … Continued

Depression during the holidays

Be warned: It may not actually be the most wonderful time of the year.  Society portrays the holidays as a time of love and peace and joy and happiness and snow and all else that is good. But constant reminders of love in other people’s lives can serve as a reminder of the love and … Continued

Holiday Family Gathering Tips

Family gatherings carry with high expectations. Here are ten tips to make certain your holidays aren’t sabotaged by anxiety: With family and guests underfoot, forgetting to make certain that your own needs are protected can result in increased anxiety. Notice signs of arousal that put you at risk, such as fatigue, short temper, or irritability. … Continued

Marriage Review – A Successful Strategy for a Healthy Marriage

Ever had a performance review at work? In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (2015), a study found that couples who had regular “marriage reviews” also had healthier marriages! The couples who went through the review saw significant improvement in relationship happiness, closeness, and decrease in depression. Like the review at work has … Continued

Parents Can Learn How To Prevent Anxiety In Their Children

A recent NPR segment ( cited a study of 136 families where anxiety was a problem. Each family had at least one parent with an anxiety disorder. About one-half of the families received 8 weekly sessions of family therapy. The other half were provided with a 30-page handout about anxiety disorders. After one year, only … Continued